From time to time when you want to print a document, you choose “Print” and select your favorite Canon ts6120, but nothing happens. Follow these simple steps to get your Canon ts6120 printer offline.

A normal daily scenario. You look at the Canon ts6120 printer menu and see that you get a “Printer offline” message. With a few simple checks and steps, you can get your printer back online very easily and quickly. Sometimes when printing. The device or computer thinks the printer is offline, in fact, the printer is online and ready to start printing.
This could be due to an error between your device or your computer and the printer.

How do I get my canon ts6120 offline printer back to online?

Follow each step to make sure you don’t miss anything to fix your offline printer online.
1. Update printer drivers.
2. Printer drivers are software programs responsible for maintaining the functionality of your printing device, including connectivity.
3. In case the printer offline problem occurs too often, be sure to check your drivers.
4. Go to the official website and download canon printer drivers as per your computer operating system.
5. Increase the sleep/snooze time: in the settings panel of your printer,
6. Look for sleep mode, and see if the set time is shorter? If so, extend it by 60 minutes to make sure your Canon ts6120 doesn’t go into sleep mode too often.

Therefore, Users face multiple type of errors such as canon ts6120 offline errors, why my canon ts6120 keeps going offline, how to change canon ts6120 offline status to online, and so on.

How to troubleshoot canon ts6120 offline in windows10?

Troubleshooting a canon ts6120 offline errors in windows 10 is not a big deal if you know how to find and fix such kind of canon printer offline issues. If you are unable to find and fix offline problem, then feel free to call us and get a printer offline solution.