The Kyocera printer is one of the most practical and necessary output elements for all office and control tasks. Although it is a common element at present, at certain times we find ourselves in the state of “Printer Offline” which prevents us from carrying out printing tasks in the way that they should be:

This error occurs due to factors such as:

  • Driver errors.
  • Internal printer failures.
  • Errors in the operating system.
  • USB connection failures.
  • Paper jams, among others.

In this tutorial will analyze the various options available to correct this error and allow our Kyocera printer to be active and functional again.

  • Access the location is using the following path: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers
  • In the new window click on the Printer menu and click on the line Use printer offline:
  • See that the printer has been enabled again.
  • The next available alternative is to use your own Windows 10 tool for troubleshooting.
  • Next, go to the Start menu & select Configuration:
  • There we select the Update and Security tab and in the new window we go to the Troubleshooting section
  • Now, select Printer line & option to Run  troubleshooter will be displayed

Select the printer with an error and the tool will analyze it in detail and later we will see the following. Click on the Apply this correction option for the solution to be effective. That is, it, you have successfully fixed your Kyocera offline printer issue.

Kyocera printer connected to wifi but offline

Kyocera wireless printers have been present in the corporate world for quite some time and appeared a few years ago in private homes. The problem is that, at home, it is sometimes a bit difficult to connect your Kyocera printer with a network cable. And in addition, the majority of users did not know how to fix Kyocera printer connected to wifi but offline.

Here are some helpful tips for reusing your wireless printer and changing the printer status by “Online”:

  • Make sure your printer is on and check the wi-fi indicator on your router. Your printer can only be displayed online if your router is turned on and wi-fi is correctly activated. The printer must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
  • Re-enter your router’s password and IP address on the printer or in the software.
  • Your printer can only be registered with the correct password and IP address. It will then appear online.
  • Check if an error code is possibly displayed on the screen of your device. If there are problems with the printer accessories (toners, drum unit, printer cartridges), some printers are displayed offline.
  • Check that there is enough paper loaded in the printer and that there is no paper jam.
  • View your devices and printers in the printer software or Windows Control Panel and exclude general error messages. Many printers also offer an internal control routine, providing detailed error messages.
  • Check if you have enabled Wi-Fi on the computer.

Kyocera printer offline in windows 7

The truth is that this error needs no explanation. When Windows 7 marks us that our Kyocera printer is offline, an error has occurred when trying to communicate with it and, due to this, it is impossible to print.

This may have happened during power-up, during a driver update, or for many other reasons.

Check printer settings

We may be looking for a problem in Windows 7 when, in fact, it is in the printer itself. It may happen that for some reason (for example, a firmware update), the printer has been misconfigured. It is very common, especially in printers with static IP, that the IP is changed and, therefore, we cannot connect to it.

  • Click Start > Devices and Printers.
  • If the checkmark is not on your Kyocera printer, right-click the icon for your Kyocera machine and select Set as Default Printer.
  • Delete all printer jobs from the Devices and Printer’s window
  • Right-click the icon for your Kyocera printer> See What’s Printing > Printer > Use Printer Offline (remove checkmark).
  • If the Use offline printer option is shaded, click Open as administrator. Enter admins’ password and click Yes.
  • If the printer status is paused.

When the program has reconfigured the printer we can disconnect it from the USB of the computer. This should be connected to the Wi-Fi network and therefore all computers should detect it without problems. If not, we should go back to the previous steps to reconfigure Windows 7 so that it can work with Kyocera printer.

Kyocera printer offline in windows 8

If the Kyocera printer is having problems printing, when we send the documents they do not come out and even the printer does not start printing, it may be offline or paused.

We pause a printer when we do not want it to continue printing, for example, if we have the printer networked, we can stop allowing other users to send documents to print by putting the Kyocera printer paused or offline.

Next, we will see how to determine if the Kyocera printer is offline, follow the procedure as is to remove the printer from the offline or offline state.

Step No. 1 (Go find apps in Windows 8)

Step No. 2 (Go to settings – top left browser window)

All the results related to our search will appear on the right side of the screen, while we are writing the number of results will decrease, all due to the segmentation of the words that are written, more specific searches will give us more specific results.

Step No. 3 (Final configuration to determine printer offline or paused)

The last step includes going to see that the one that needs configuration is being printed, we right-click on the image of the printer, select to see what is printed and a pop-up window will open and we will click on the printer and verify that the option No. 5 and No. 8 are disabled.

You must remove any selections from the Kyocera printers’ menu to use the printer paused or offline, then it is recommended to turn the printer off and on again for synchronization.

Kyocera printer offline in windows 10

Many Windows 10 users have reported Kyocera printer connectivity issues and an issue that has set up active offline printers, even if they are connected and fully operational. Before talking about remedies for this problem, you should know why this occurs.

The error occurs when Windows 10 sees that the Kyocera printer is not available, but unfortunately, it is often not possible to tell if the printer is really offline or if it has connectivity issues or printing errors. It may occur when:

  1. The connection between the computer and the Kyocera printer is slow/unresponsive.
  2. The printer encountered an internal error.
  3. There are several unfinished print jobs in the queue.
  4. How to Fix Offline Printer Error in Windows 8.
  5. Change the printer settings.
  6. Restart the Kyocera Print Spooler service.
  7. Changing the Kyocera printer properties.
  8. Reinstall the printer drivers.
  9. Install the latest updates.
  10. Add a second printing device.
  11. Verify that you are using a VPN connection.

The error is usually encountered when talking about network printers, but home users who have a direct connection to their printer have also complained If you follow the instruction carefully you can bring your Kyocera printer back to online.

If these general tips do not help you solve the problem, please contact the support of your printer manufacturer and look for specific solutions to the problem in the device manual.

Kyocera printer offline in mac

The Kyocera printer does not respond! Do not panic, whatever the error indicator that appears during your printing attempts, there are solutions to solve the problem. Here we offer you several tips to correctly launch your prints on your MacBook or any other device connected to iOS.

Your Kyocera printer is not recognized by your Mac OS and appears offline, it cannot be found in your system preferences -> Printers and scanners.

  1. Your MacBook (or other Mac device) software is unavailable.
  2. Make sure your printer is connected to the same wifi network as your MacBook. For this, you must have a well-configured wifi network with its name or SSID number (registered on the box for example) and its password.
  3. If this is not the case, restart your wifi router, then restart your Kyocera printer by bringing it closer to your router.
  4. If nothing happens, install the latest firmware from the manufacturer. If the update is several years old, the manufacturer may no longer support your device. In this case, you will most likely need to use a newer printer or router.
  5. Install the latest MacOS updates for your MacBook.

If you still cannot start printing, reset the printing system by following these instructions:

Now check “System Preferences” & click on  “Printers and Scanners”

  1. Click on the list of devices while holding down the “Ctrl” key
  2. Type “ ctrl” key and reset the “printing system”.
  3. Now your Kyocera printer is back to online and functional.