Why is my Hp envy 5055 offline and how to bring an offline printer to online is major task because is requires technical steps. When printer status is ‘offline’ on the computer and cannot be printed on a networked HP LaserJet Pro printer in Windows 10.

For printers connected by USB cable, access Printer Status ‘offline’ when trying to print via a network connection in Windows. NOTE: Usually ‘printer offline‘ indicates that the computer cannot communicate with the printer because it is turned off, the network cable is disconnected, or the printer is set to Use Printer Offline.

Why is my Hp envy 5055 offline

Restoring power to the HP Envy 5055 printer offline in windows 10 is a quick way to restart the printing system and prepare it for additional troubleshooting if necessary.

  1. If the printer is off, turn it on, and then check its status:
  2. If the printer starts the queue print jobs, it is completing them and is online. You can stop troubleshooting.
  3. If the computer still displays the printer as offline, go to the next step.
  4. Turned on printer, unplug the HP Envy 5055 printer’s power cord.
  5. Unplug it from the electrical outlet; wait at least 60 seconds.
  6. Make sure that the network cable is connected correctly and has not been damaged.
  7. Make sure the switch and router cables are properly connected.
  8. Restart the laptop or tablet and wait for it to turn on again.
  9. Reconnect the power cable to the back of the printer, and then connect it to the power outlet.
  10. Now you can print, HP Envy 5055 printer is online again. Contacts us if the printer goes offline again later.

What to when HP Envy 5055 Offline Mac

The printer could seem offline if it cannot communicate with the laptop. Here square measure some belongings you ought to attempt to get your printer back on-line.

Check if the power unit Envy 5055 printer is turned on and connected to a similar Wi-Fi network because the laptop. The printer’s constitutional menu ought to show what network you’re connected to; if necessary, see the printer manual for a lot of info.

  1. You cannot see the printer on the device otherwise you get a message that no printer was found.
  2. You get a message that the software package for your device isn’t offered.
  3. You have another printing drawback associated with the waterproof software package or the iOS device.
  4. Select Apple menu> System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners.
  5. Hold down the Keyboard key and click on the devices you would like from the list.
  6. Select “Reset Printing System” from the subsequent menu.

How to Remove and reinstall drivers  from printer windows 10 

If the matter continues on the waterproof once resetting the printing system, follow these final steps to get rid of all put in printer drivers. These steps square measure for power unit Envy 5055 printer windows 10 and don’t apply to Air-Print printers.

  • In the menu bar within the Finder, choose Go> attend folder. sort the printer’s network name/ and click on Go.
  • The Printers folder can open. choose Edit> choose All. during this means, you may choose all the things within the Printers folder.
  • Select File> New Folder with choice. this manner you may place all the chosen components in an exceedingly new folder known as New folder with components. to avoid wasting house, you’ll delete this folder.