Do you need to print a file and after clicking the Print button nothing happens and the Samsung wireless printer appears offline? You are not the only one who is concerned about this problem.

But don’t worry, it’s not a difficult thing to fix. In fact, you can easily fix it by following the steps below.

How do I get my Samsung printer back online?

The printer disconnected state is the printer’s way of indicating that something is wrong with the communication between the computer and the printer, through a USB cable or a network connection.

  1. Turn off and then on the printer to restart it.
  2. Now, wait a while for it to be completely ready.
  3. If your printer is connected via a USB cable.
  4. Make sure your printer cable is properly connected.
  5. If the printer is connected via a wired network.
  6. Check that the printer cable is securely connected to the Ethernet port.
  7. If your printer is connected via a wireless network.
  8. Check your Samsung wireless printer and make sure it is connected to your PC’s network.

Samsung printer offline windows 10

The problem can be caused by faulty Samsung wireless printer drivers. So you can update the printer driver in windows 10 and see if it works.

You can update the printer driver manually by visiting the website and searching for the latest correct driver.

Samsung wireless printer says offline

The printer has always been one of the most troubling parts of a computer. Whether connected by cable or through Wi-Fi, it is very common to find printers that do not work, &  printer is offline that give errors and that cannot communicate with the PC to be able to print. Problems with printers are due to all kinds of factors, from a Windows failure to a driver error. Simply because the Samsung printer doesn’t like us, since there are errors that cannot even be explained.

As soon as you install a printer in Windows, it does not usually give problems. But as time goes by, things change. When our printer crashes and won’t let us print we can go crazy to fix it. Since most of the time we don’t even see an error code. The most common is to turn the printer off and on, reset its settings, & reconnect it to Wi-Fi, & even connect it to the PC to install the drivers from scratch.

Why is my Samsung printer offline Mac?

If your printer remains offline, reset the printing system and add the printer again.

  1. Check all cable connections between your printer and router or network computer.
  2. Now, depending on the method used to connect to the printer.
  3. Make sure none of the cables have come loose and the printer is turned on.
  4. Check the printer’s tray for any paper jams.
  5. Make sure the printer has enough paper and that the paper is properly aligned in the printer.
  6. If the “Low Ink” message displays on the printer, replace the empty ink cartridges.
  7. Click on the “Apple” menu and select “Software Update” to install the available updates.
  8. Click on the “Apple” menu and select “Restart” from the drop-down menu.
  9. Click “System Preferences” in the Dock and select “Print & Scan.
  10. Double-click on your printer in the printer list if a yellow light appears next to the printer name.
  11. Click on “Resume”.
  12. Open a document that you need to print and try to print the document by pressing “Ctrl-P”.
  13. Select your printer by clicking on the “Edit” button and choose your printer from the list.
  14. Click on “Print”.

How to connect Samsung printer to wifi?

The Direct Wireless connection allows you to directly connect the printer to your computer or mobile device without the need for a Wi-Fi access point or router. The printer works as a Wi-Fi access point.

Confirm the settings of the Direct Wireless connection of the printer. When connecting to a mobile device, use a Windows computer or Mac computer to confirm the settings.

For Windows computers

Connect the Samsung printer and the computer via a USB cable. Start Tool Printer Setup on your computer and click the button [ Communication Settings] (“Communication Settings’). Confirm that [is selected Wireless Direct] (“Wireless Direct”) in [Interface] (“Selected Interface”) on the [General] tab. (This is selected as the factory default setting.)

For more information about Communication Settings, refer to the FAQ”Use Communication Settings (for Windows)”.

For Mac® computers

Connect the printer and the computer via a USB cable. Launch the Printer Setting Tool on your computer and confirm that [Wireless Direct] is set to [On] in the [ “Wireless LAN”] tab. (This is selected as the factory default setting.)

For more information on the Printer Setting Tool, refer to the FAQ  “Using the Printer Setting Tool (for Mac)”. To turn on the Wi-Fi function, press and hold the wifi   (Wi-Fi) button on your printer for one second. The  Wifi   (Wi-Fi) indicator flashes blue once every three seconds.

Use your computer or mobile device to select the “SSID” of your printer (“DIRECT – ***** _ where “*****” is the last five digits of the product serial number ) and enter the password (“*****”).

When communication is established, the  Wifi   (Wi-Fi) indicator lights in blue.